Your Views to Inform a New City Development Plan

We want to hear from all age groups including from younger people, and all backgrounds, circumstances, and locations so the Plan can reflect Glasgow’s diverse population. Understanding how everyday Glasgow works will help us create a Plan that leads to a better city experience as well as addressing the big issues we face like tackling climate change, helping to create more opportunities to work and improving health and wellbeing.

The Plan will also guide where we want new development to happen in order to make Glasgow a more healthy, liveable, and successful place. Things like the location of new housing and businesses, how we can improve our town centres or re-use vacant land and protect our important built and natural assets.

The new Plan will affect every neighbourhood in the Glasgow City Council Area and will guide how every part of the city should be developed in the future. We want this to be influenced by what you - the people of Glasgow, think about our city and what the local priorities for change are. 

By using the tools in this consultation we hope to get an understanding of how our different places need to be looked at in the new Plan. Your opinions will form an important part of the Plan’s evidence base which means it is responsive to our communities’ views and ideas.