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Mayflower Quarter Masterplan

The Mayflower Quarter is an 80ha area within Southampton’s city centre. It lies to the west of the city’s retail core, stretching from Southampton Railway station in the north, to the Mayflower Park and River Test to the south. Mayflower Quarter is part of the Southampton City Vision which will be our new Local Plan and will set out the future development of new homes, work spaces, infrastructure and facilities across the city. 

Mayflower Quarter Masterplan has been initiated by Southampton City Council, to develop a framework to guide the transformation of the area into a vibrant and new mixed-use city centre quarter for the city by 2040. We want to make sure that Southampton develops as an attractive and sustainable place for people to live, work and visit and strengthen its position not just as a port city but as a global destination.

The Design Team led by AR Urbanism, is to work on the area’s design. To inform this work we seek your involvement and participation. Help us better understand your aspirations for the Mayflower Quarter, share your views and shape the masterplan. Your local knowledge, views and aspirations  for the area are important to us.

The masterplan options will take into account the outcomes of this engagement. Formal consultation on the proposals will likely begin in early 2021.

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