Proposed Options for Reducing Traffic in the
Heavitree & Whipton Area

Feedback from the Phase 1 Consultation identified the perceived negative impacts of traffic as a key issue in the Heavitree and Whipton area, along with the need to give walking and cycling greater priority. Therefore, we have developed a range of options for restricting through traffic in the area, using temporary modal filters, which will be a mixture of the following:

  • Physical modal filters, which create a physical barrier to all vehicular traffic, but allow pedestrians and cyclists to pass. These typically consist of bollards or planters, similar to those installed on Chard Road. These are not proposed to be installed on bus routes, to avoid causing disruption to bus services.
  • Bus gates, which allow the passage of buses, pedestrians and cyclists, but use signage to prohibit the passage of other vehicular traffic - it is an offence to fail to comply with these restrictions. An existing example can be found on Wonford Road. These are proposed to be installed on some bus routes.

As you will see on the pages linked below, each option involves a series of interventions rather than standalone measures (e.g. a one-way restriction or modal filter on a single road). This is because we wish to reduce total traffic volumes throughout the Heavitree and Whipton area, rather than simply shifting traffic onto other residential roads. We hope that this will help make the whole of Heavitree and Whipton greener, healthier and more attractive.

The video below provides an overview of the existing situation in Heavitree and Whipton, and more details of the proposed options are available from the links below.

The below slide-show includes an overview image for each option. You can then find out more by clicking on the links to the pages for each option, which include a video and text description of the proposals.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4