northstowe's Employment Zone

Help shape Northstowe's Employment Zone

At South Cambridgeshire District Council, we want you to inform the design of the new Employment Zone by sharing your ideas and experience of what will make it a great place to work. Find out more about what we are building and when in our FAQ

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Map of Employment Zone
A new Employment Zone is coming to Northstowe, you can help shape it!

About this project

Northstowe is a sustainable new development near Cambridge, where modern amenities are planned in an area rich in local history.
Imagine having a say in 9.5 acres of brand-new, prime Employment Zone land. Well, this project is your chance to do just that.

Your responses to this digital consultation will help us to understand what businesses want from the Employment Zone and will help shape the final design for the area. Even if you’re not looking to relocate use this as an opportunity to use your business experience and perspective in shaping the Employment Zone, which will be used for years to come.

Northstowe has a strong sense of community and an identity that is entirely unique, where health and wellbeing are promoted. At Northstowe you’re never far from nature and yet only 20 minutes from Cambridge City.

Get involved in shaping the future of Cambridgeshire's new town, and help us create a thriving business community, to ensure Northstowe's competitive advantage, sustainable growth, and prosperous future. This consultation will run until the 27th of October 2022.