The Employment Zone

The strategic aims for Northstowe Employment Zone (EZ), not presented in order of any particular priority, are:  

  1. A new net zero sustainable enterprise community.

  2. Providing space that can act as an incubator of talent, ideas, and enterprise.

  3. Provide transitional space that provides amenities for the EZ and this part of Northstowe to support placemaking, activation and vibrancy but without detracting or competing with the proposed Northstowe Town Centre.

  4. Targeting quality business space in an integrated, connected, and sustainable environment but not being overly prescriptive on the exact use or types of business that locate within the EZ.

  5. Ensuring that the EZ is realising its potential, can attract investment, occupier interest and development, and that investment can be mobilised quickly.

  6. Creating a legacy at the EZ where interventions and actions can be measured.

  7. To provide a coherent and comprehensive masterplan for the long-term delivery of the EZ.

The initial masterplan process has resulted in several important masterplan ‘fundamentals’ that should be considered a ‘red line’ for future development and placemaking activities. These can be summarised as: 

  1. Prioritise connectivity to the wider Northstowe community and the Guided Busway.

  2. Green and blue infrastructure.

  3. Sustainable performance of buildings targeting net zero sustainable performance.

  4. High-quality public realm and connections.

  5. Successful integration with the wider Northstowe community.


A Great Place to Work 

Northstowe is already connected to the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway, which has integrated cycle routes providing quick connections to the major towns of Cambridgeshire. The A14 upgrade is now complete (the new access road to Northstowe is due to be opened soon), connecting the town directly into the main UK road network, putting it in an enviable position to serve a diverse community.

A Great Place to Live

Northstowe has been carefully planned to provide great spaces for formal and informal recreation in both sport and play, including a well-designed play park; Pioneer Park with a basketball area, outdoor free gym, sports pitches and bowls green. Further play areas and green spaces are planned throughout Northstowe, with a plethora of seating and picnic benches to soak in the atmosphere and meet neighbours.

Northstowe is already well served with the Pathfinder Primary school, Northstowe Secondary College and Martin Bacon Academy with more schools planned as the town grows.

Northstowe benefits from two full-time Community Development Officers, funded by the developer. Their roles include welcoming new residents, and ensuring they are well equipped with information to feel integrated and support the community in becoming a thriving, inclusive town. Since the first residents moved in, they have been instrumental in supporting the creation of several Northstowe community groups and worked with the community to deliver activities and events such as Northstowe Day celebrations. They can be contacted via [email protected]



Northstowe Homes

The first families moved into Northstowe in May 2017 and as every new resident is welcomed, the community continues to develop and grow.

By 2040 the Northstowe community will be home to up to 10,000 new houses and apartments with its very own town centre, as well as sports pavilions, community spaces and a heritage building showcasing the area’s vast interesting history and finds from archaeological works.

Travel within Northstowe on foot and cycle is easily accessible with purpose-built cycleways and electric bikes to rent. The Longstanton Park & Ride/ Guided busway is in close proximity with excellent public transport links to Cambridge and surrounding areas. The A14 with easy access to the M11 and A1 roads is a few minutes drive from Northstowe.


Energy Efficient Homes

Northstowe supports a low carbon community lifestyle with buildings that use less energy, provide carbon savings and are economic to run. With fast fibre optic connectivity, smart meters, solar panels, great public transport, cycle lanes, walkways and electric vehicle charging points, sustainable living is at the heart of Northstowe, providing residents with the opportunity to work from home and enjoy a better life-work balance.