Shirebrook interactive tool

Create your future, Shirebrook!

Thank you for submitting your ideas.

Create your future, Shirebrook!

Thank you for submitting your ideas.

Let’s imagine a new part of town for Shirebrook

Submit your ideas for how any future growth in Shirebrook could look. 

Choose an item from the menu, and position it on the map

You can choose as many or as few items from the menu as you like, and place them on the purple area on the map.
Use a variety of items to make the new part of town sustainable.

Ideally, you’ll achieve a balanced budget. Some items make you money, some items cost you money. Your aim is to get the budget to less than £1m from zero, so that your proposal is affordable.

The moneybox at the top of your map will tell you how balanced your proposal is and give you a few clues on what to do next.

See the best ideas in virtual reality

We want to showcase the best and most interesting entries, so we will choose two of these and transform them into a 3D model that we can then present back to the community. We will do this at the end of the consultation by holding a community event in the Market Place, where the public will be able to come and interact with the ideas, displayed in a virtual reality room, to let people see the ideas our community have put forward.

At the end of the consultation, we'll be making a £500 donation to a local charity voted for by participants of this consultation!

About the project

We want to make Shirebrook a great place to live, work, and visit. So we're asking you to help us imagine what it might look like in the future. We believe that this could be achieved by thinking creatively about what Shirebrook could look like and how this can address the concerns the community have raised about the town and its town centre.

We would like everyone to submit their own masterplan for what growth in Shirebrook could include.

To achieve this, we have launched a new, innovative form of public consultation, to involve members of the public in planning in a deeper way than a normal survey.

The tool aims to help residents choose what new things should be included in any growth plans, by designing an imaginary part of town, and explore the trade-offs when doing so.

Create your idea in 3 minutes

You can create your idea for the new part of town in as little as 3 minutes. Have some more ideas? We'd love to see them - feel free to create as many designs as you like!