Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the Growth Plan?

The Growth Plan will be a dedicated plan for Shirebrook, setting out plans for how Shirebrook could grow and prosper over the next five years and beyond. It will cover issues such as living and working in Shirebrook, and will particularly focus on the town centre and the Market Place and environmental issues.

2. Why are you carrying out this digital consultation?

Because we really want to hear the voices of people who live and work in Shirebrook and particularly on how people like you think Shirebrook should grow and prosper over the next five years and beyond. We think this innovative masterplanning tool will help people show us how they would create their future!

3. How long will the website be accepting submissions?

From Tuesday 30th August to Friday 30th September 2022.  

4. How are you engaging local people?

We are promoting this masterplanning consultation as widely as possible to try and reach as many people as possible because we think it is important that local people get a chance to create their future. We hope this online tool will make it easier for interested people to make their voice heard.

5. How will you use the results of this consultation?

We will listen to all of the feedback received during this exercise and your comments and proposals will inform the preparation of the Consultation Draft Shirebrook Growth Plan. So if you want us to come back to you at that stage, please make sure you provide us with your contact details.

6. How does this consultation relate to the Local Plan?

We have an up-to-date Local Plan which doesn’t need to be reviewed for several years. The Shirebrook Growth Plan will be a non-statutory planning document that will sit on top of the Local Plan for Bolsover District. It is intended that the Growth Plan will be adopted as a material consideration in the District Council’s planning processes. 

7. Why did you choose the area marked on the map for this consultation?

The area on the map is land that has been promoted by the landowner for development within the Council’s Land Availability Assessment work. It is one of many parcels of land that have been promoted across Bolsover District, but one of the few located in Shirebrook. At this very early stage in the planning process, the Council has chosen to use this area of land as a blank canvas for this masterplanning exercise, due to it being large enough to accommodate a variety of land uses and being one logical way of growing Shirebrook.

This does not mean that it would come forward for development and, whilst the Council could support growth taking place in this general area, that type of decision has not yet been made. However, should growth be supported it is intended that the feedback from this masterplanning exercise would inform what kind of growth would be supported by the Council.

8. How can I create a winning submission?

This is a big question and we think you can achieve this in several ways. The first is to create a balanced form of growth, so having enough items on the map that generate income to pay for what you want to spend. To do this you’ll need a range of items on the map and to keep your eye on the moneybox to see how balanced your proposals are, as unbalanced proposals are less likely to work or be delivered. However, the second is to create something really interesting that sets out your ideas for how future growth in Shirebrook could look, even if this isn’t totally balanced. We are keen to see interesting proposals and this is why we will showcase two interesting ones, although we will still consider whatever you submit because we think it is right to respect the time you have spent on creating your proposal.

9. What is market housing?

This is the term given to new houses that are for sale on the open market, so houses built by housebuilders. Crucially, market housing is not discounted or sold for a lower than market rate like affordable houses are, and this is why they generate more income than affordable homes.

10. Why do power plants cost money?

To build things costs money, but some things make money immediately when they are sold, such as new houses. Power plants cost money to build but they tend to only make money over the longer term, potentially even over 50 years. So if you were to build them now, they would be a cost to you now.

11. What is Western Park?
This is a larger greenspace that would be a formal park for residents, potentially along the lines of Queens Park in Chesterfield.

12. How much of each category should I use?

A sustainable new part of town needs a variety of items across the different categories. You can choose as many or as few items in each category as you like, as long as your proposal is balanced and on budget.

13. Do roads on the map need to connect?

Roads are an integral part of town planning and can be added to your idea for the new part of town. For the purpose of this consultation, the roads do not need to 'join up'. If you don’t want to add roads, you don’t need to.

14. Why do some items make money and others cost money?

The cost of constructing a building is not necessarily recovered when it is sold; rather, some buildings, such as power plants, can take many years to recover costs. Put simply, whether an item makes money or costs money is simply based upon local market values, as well as any potential revenues they might make.

15. Why do some items make money and others cost money?

Currently, you cannot add ideas for new items. However, we would be happy to hear any suggestions you might have in the comments box, at the end when submitting your ideas.

16. How can I find out more, make a more detailed submission or discuss growth in more depth?

You can contact the Council planning officers to have a conversation about this if you want. You can find their contact details and details of when they will be holding public drop-in sessions on the Council’s dedicated Shirebrook Growth Plan webpage.

17. How can I submit more than one idea?

We’d love to hear all of your ideas, the more the merrier! You can submit as many ideas as you like. However, You’ll need to submit each idea separately. If you do this, it’s a good idea to take a screenshot of your previous idea so you remember what you did last time.

18. What about carbon impacts, and other measures that can describe sustainability?

For the purposes of keeping this consultation simple, we are on;y considering the cost element of sustainability. However, we fully understand that there are deeper concerns around sustainability and these will be taken into account later in the planning process. 

19. Am I supposed to use the purple area or the whole map? 

For the purposes of this consultation, We will only consider ideas placed within the purple section of the map. So whilst you can place items anywhere, items placed outside the purple zone will not be included in any of the 3D models should your idea be chosen.

20. Am I supposed to connect my idea to the existing places on the map?

Although it will not affect the selection process, feel free to connect your ideas to the existing places on the map.

21. Can you help me to use this website?

Certainly! You'll find more information about using the website in our 'How t use the website' section

22. How can I find out more information?

More information is available on the Council’s dedicated Shirebrook Growth Plan webpage.

You can contact Bolsover District Council’s Planning Policy team on 01246 242203 or by emailing [email protected].