How to use the website

The aim 

The aim is to create a sustainable new part of town and balance the budget.

How to use the map 

The purple area on the map is the area you can create the new part of town on.

Tap to choose a category in the menu at the bottom of the screen, then tap to choose an item. It will appear on the map. Drag it to position it on the map.

Some items make you money and are marked with a green money icon. Some items cost you money and are marked with a red money icon. The amount each item makes or costs varies.

You can zoom in or out, and change the orientation of the map with the compass. 

How to balance the budget

Click on the money box to show how much money you’ve made or spent. You can see your subtotal by category, and your total balance.

Your goal is to get your total balance to around zero, by balancing items that cost money and items that make money.

If your balance is greater than -£1,000,000, you need to make more money by building more homes, offices or shopping areas for people to use, all of which make money.

If your balance is greater than +£1,000,000, you need to spend more money by building more things like green space, community facilities and roads, all of which cost money, and provide vital services for people in the new homes, offices and shopping areas.

If your balance is less than £1,000,000 off zero, congratulations - you’ve made a sustainable town.

How to make a sustainable town for people 

A sustainable town is one that has a wide range of services, homes, and infrastructure, and includes at least one of every category. The categories are approximately the same as land use types.

Add new items to create more variety in your town, or delete items if you have too many of the same type. You can do this by tapping on the item you’ve placed on the map, and using the trash can.

If you tap the same item on the menu multiple times, you will get multiple items on the map.

Help using this website

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Feedback and contact information

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