Let's imagine a new part of town

You can use this website to submit your ideas for how the area to the West of Shirebrook might be. 

Choose an item from the menu, and move it to your preferred position on the map.

Remember to balance the budget and use a variety of items to make the town sustainable!

About the project

We want Shirebrook to be a place you really like to live and work in. A place where you can: find a home; find employment or grow your business; support and take pride in your town centre and enjoy your leisure time.

To achieve this, we are preparing a Shirebrook Growth Plan. This Plan will set out how the town will change over the next five years and beyond. It will cover the key topics of the town centre and marketplace, jobs and economic opportunity, homes, services and leisure, and access to nature and the environment. It will set out how we will improve these aspects of Shirebrook over the next ten years, and the outcomes we will work to achieve and will be prepared during 2022 and, if appropriate, approved by the Council in 2023.

Following the Initial Consultation Exercise in March 2022, we are now exploring what future growth in Shirebrook could look like and how this can address the concerns the community have raised about the town and its town centre.

Traditionally decisions about growth and plans for growth are made by professionals such as developers, architects, planners and economists, and the people who live in a place are invited to comment at the final stages of the proposals. We think it would be better if the people who lived in a place had the chance to have a say earlier, imagine what growth could look like, and tell us what they think should be included.

As a result, we have launched a new, innovative form of public consultation, to involve members of the public in planning in a deeper way than a normal survey.

This tool is a new feature of the PlaceBuilder engagement platform that includes interaction and technically valid, locally relevant cost estimates to help people get to grips with some of the considerations and trade-offs that we need to address in designing new places.

What’s more, the results will be analysed and two of the best proposals submitted by members of the public will be selected and modelled in 3D. We will then invite the public back to check out the ideas.

PlaceBuilder is a digital community engagement platform that makes it easy for anyone to participate in planning decisions, and to get data that planners can act on. Its advanced analytics help planners spot solutions instantly on real-time maps and charts, saving hours of analysis time and maximising the value from community feedback. In addition to Bolsover District Council, it’s been used in local and strategic consultations by a range of local authorities and UK government departments since 2019. PlaceBuilder is owned by The Future Fox, whose mission is to help citizens lead the future of their places.

Feedback and contact information

If you need to contact us to provide feedback or for other reasons relating to this website, please email [email protected].

What will happen to my feedback?

This masterplanning consultation will be open from the 30th of August 2022, until the 30th of September 2022. We aim to gather as many entries as possible, and we are promoting this consultation through social media, email and community groups.

We want to showcase the best and most interesting entries, so we will choose two of these and transform them into a 3D model that we can then present back to the community. We will do this at the end of the consultation by holding a community event in the Market Place, where the public will be able to come and see and interact with the ideas, displayed in a virtual reality room and let people see what the community have put forward.

We will also provide a £500 community prize that will be awarded to a local community group. To help select this local community group, we will ask people who submit responses to nominate their preferred local community group and the group with the most nominations will be awarded the £500 community prize.